Hi, I'm Ashley and this is Boots.

As the owner of The Artistic Endeavor, my mission is to ignite the passion for art in a fun, energetic environment that creates long-lasting memories. With my trusty sidekick Boots, we're on a mission to inspire others to unleash their inner artist.

About Ashley

My love for the arts started in high school. I carried that love with me through business classes and taking as many art classes as I could. What I enjoy most is exploring new methods in the arts, as it has been a therapy for me.

8 years ago I was diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder. My world was turned upside down. I've had many struggles, trials, and tribulations since. My art has always stuck with me, as well as my loving friends and family, through some of my darkest times. About 2 years ago when I was in a deep depression, I went to a splatter paint studio in Lancaster, OH. As soon as I walked through the door, my spirit was lifted. For a moment, my problems began to fade away. The music was loud, the paint was everywhere, and there were lots of smiles and laughter. I was in the zone to just create...be me...be free.

This is the environment I strive to create with my studio: not just for fun, but also as a therapy and happy place for everyone to enjoy. It doesn't matter your walk of life, situation, or experience - splatter painting is for everyone.

About Boots

Sir Boots Alot (Boots for short) is The Artistic Endeavor's furry mascot. He loves to participate and he loves to be social with our guests.

Boots wandered into my life about 1 year ago. He literally walked himself into my house, plopped down in the kitchen, and was like "yep, this is home". He chose me and I couldn't be happier that he did. He is my big 'ol fluff ball.

Boots does have a feisty side, so beware. He will let you know if he's had enough playtime. He's also a big talker. He likes to chat, and chat, and chat. I think he just likes the sound of his own voice. He can get cranky, but mostly he's a loveable guy just waiting for his next adventure. Come see our little family and create some new artistic memories. Boots will be happy to be a part of every second.

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